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French, English Python3, R, SQL
HTML, JavaScript, CSS
Swift, C, C#, Excel (VBA)
Shiny, Tableau
ggplot2, gganimate
matplotlib, PowerBI
LaTeX, RMarkdown


Hello! My name is Ryan and I am a current Ph.D. student in Computer Science at Portland State University and previously a M.S. student in statistics at Boston University. Currently, I am interested in researching NLP methods and their applications to medical data, but on the side I like exploring art forms created by random processes (refresh the page for an example!) in various scripting languages and VR development in the Unity Engine.


Portland State University Portland, OR

Ph.D. Computer Science Current

Boston University Boston, MA

M.S. Applied Statistics 2021

Washington State University Pullman, WA

B.A. International Business 2019

B.A. Foreign Languages (French, Chinese) 2019


Boston University Boston, MA

Data Analyst June 2021 - Current

Administrative Coordinator Aug 2019 - June 2021

Fidelity Investments Boston, MA

Student Partner in Data Science Oct 2020 - May 2021